Blendle Research consists of the following scientists and students. If you are looking to join us, please go to our careers page on Homerun. Or if you would want to join us as a student, please see our information on internships.

Former Members

Arno Veenstra, MSc

Arno VeenstraArno has been working as a data scientist at Blendle since April 2015. Previously he worked for Sanoma, working on recommendations, user profiling and real time advertisement personalization. At Blendle he worked on setting up the first version of the data processing infrastructure and currently focuses on recommendations and testing.

dr. Daan Odijk

698909Daan is the lead data scientist at Blendle, leading a team of a dozen data scientist and engineers working on, among other things, giving our users the best personalized experience by finding the right stories for you to read. In June 2016, Daan obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam within the Information and Language Processing Systems (ILPS) group headed by Maarten de Rijke.

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Jeffrey Kuiken

Jeffrey KuikenJeffrey is a student Information Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and works as a data scientist at Blendle. He started as an intern, working on his Bachelor thesis in which he analysed the headlines of the Blendle newsletter. After his internship he stayed at Blendle, and he focuses on the data warehouse of Blendle.

Lucas de Haas

Lucas de HaasLucas wrote his thesis at Blendle as part of the MSc programme in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. His areas of interest include automatic summarization, text representation, and compositional semantics.

At Blendle, Lucas is working on automatic summarization of articles and article clusters.

Maartje ter Hoeve

Maartje ter HoeveMaartje was a master student Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. At Blendle, she was doing her graduation project, aiming to explain the recommendation algorithm that provides Blendle users with new articles every single day.

Joris van Vugt

Joris van VugtJoris is doing a master’s in Data Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During his internship, he worked on automatically selecting articles for the newsletters.

dr. Anne Schuth

Anne SchuthAnne was data scientist at Blendle. He obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. At Blendle, Anne worked on the learning aspects of the recommendation engine. He is now at Google Research.

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Martijn Spitters, MSc

Martijn Spitters

Martijn was a data scientist at Blendle from January 2016 until September 2017. Before that he worked on many ML/NLP-driven projects such as knowledge discovery and authorship analysis on the Dark Web (at TNO), information extraction for the HR domain (at Textkernel), self-learning dialogue systems, document classification and retrieval. At Blendle, Martijn focused on article enrichment and personalised recommendations.

dr. Claudia Hauff

Claudia Hauff
Claudia is assistant professor at the Web Information Systems group, Delft University of Technology. She visited Blendle in the summer of 2017 to work on search.

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Jetse Koopmans

Jetse Koopmans

Jetse was intern during the final stage of the master Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam. At Blendle, he worked on his thesis about classification, clustering and topic modelling of all articles.

Isaac Sijaranamual

Isaac Sijaranamual

Isaac worked as a search engineer on loan from the University of Amsterdam on semantic search. He is now at Bookarang.