Collaboration Blendle and University of Amsterdam

Blendle starts a research project with Maarten de Rijke and Isaac Sijaranamual, researchers at the University of Amsterdam  (UvA). The project will  focus on improving the search engine of Blendle. The UvA brings state-of-the-art research on semantic search to Blendle, while Blendle offers the UvA an experimentation platform, which is often lacking in academic research.

About Maarten de Rijke and Isaac Sijaranamual

Maarten de Rijke is a full professor in Information Processing and Internet at UvA’s Informatics Institute. He is also scientific director of Amsterdam Data Science. Isaac is a scientific programmer in Maarten’s team. Both are part of the Information and Language Processing research group.


The NWO programme Creative Industry – KIEM aims to strengthen the ties between research institutes and private parties in creative sector. With the help of KIEM-financing, consortia of at least one researcher from a research institute and one representative of a company, can start a (long-term) cooperation.

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